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Rediscover the events of one of the most consequential wars in history ... from the eyes of the vanquished

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Great Britain And The Revolutionary War

Why Did America Win?

It’s the classic David and Goliath story that has captivated the world – the American underdogs going up against the great power of the British Empire… and emerging victorious.

But is that really all it was?

As the victors of the War of Independence, America got to tell its side of the story – an inspiring story of winning despite the odds.


But by limiting yourself to only one perspective, you miss out on a broader understanding of history, you may have more to learn from the mistakes of the losers than the conquests of the winners.

If you want to revisit the Revolutionary War with fresh eyes and a different point of view, this book is a must!

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About the author

Paul James Stanton

Paul James Stanton is a historian, military enthusiast, and author of Great Britain and the Revolutionary War.


He is based in Great Britain but has a particular interest in American history. His approach to writing is to delve into monumental moments of the past, looking for the story within the story, providing readers with a refreshing viewpoint and an alternative to the established narrative. 


The Rise Of The American Navy

Whether you're a history buff or military enthusiast, this chronicle of the Navy's early history is a must-read!

In its two centuries of existence, America has seen more than its fair share of momentous events.

Through it all, the American Navy has not only been a witness, but an active and key participant to the creation and progress of the country.

It has grown and strengthened its capabilities – from having zero ships and zero expertise to becoming one of the largest fleets in the world.


From monumental battles and memorable speeches, to groundbreaking developments and personal accounts, you’ll find it all here!

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About the author

John Williams Ptolemy

John has a passion for American history which drives his work, delving into military history and bringing the heroic contributions of military service people to life through stories and carefully researched recounts. He looks to create clarity in his books through a simple linear narrative to bring history to life and reach the casual historian, making history accessible to everyone, no matter their background.

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